Scott Cash

Scott Cash

Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Scott Cash and I work in the Sports Operations team at Betway.

What initially drew you to Betway?

I had a friend worked at Betway and recommended it as a fun place to work. It sounded like a really exciting project to be part of, Betway was a small, new company at the time with big ambitions!

How has your career developed at Betway?

It has changed a lot because I started off as a general sports trader. I worked on European sports at the time with markets such as ice hockey, volleyball, handball and futsal to name a few, most of which I didn't know much about! It then evolved into working more with the Dev teams. From year to year my role has become so much more varied. I have the same role, but my job one year ago is completely different to what it is today.

What is a typical day at work like for you?

I don’t tend to have typical days in my role because of how much it varies day to day. I do a lot of reporting and analysis working with the dev teams on projects. Currently I'm working on developing some different exciting products for Betway. The latter is becoming a bigger part of what I do.

How has Betway changed in your time here?

The biggest thing that's changed is where our customer base is, which is one of the things that makes working here so enjoyable. We’ve continued to grow and have licences in multiple countries, too. It’s great that you get to learn about new countries and new sports as well.

What makes Betway so special?

I love the work and I find it very, very enjoyable. I’m sort of obsessed with it! I'm very connected to the company and proud of what we've built and developed. Another big thing is the potential of where we're going. There’s a lot we are working on that is super exciting and I look forward to being a part of that.

How does it feel to be a part of the Betway team?

It’s very fulfilling. It’s a nice group of people that I work with and I'm proud of what the company is achieving and where we are going. But it's also great seeing all of our sponsorships when I'm watching sport on TV, from the NBA to rugby, cricket to football and much more. Even my dad, who doesn't understand what I do for my job, is now sitting in New Zealand watching rugby, and he can see Betway on the Springboks shorts; or if he’s watching football, he tells me he’s seen our name on the West Ham shirts. You know, that's really nice.

What 3 words would you use to describe Betway to potential new starters?

Global. Ambitious. Creative

Global, because we do have a global presence which a lot of our competitors don't. It’s exciting to be working for a company that has a presence in so many different places, as this brings variety to many of our roles.

It's ambitious, you can see where Betway can get to in the future and what it might achieve.

It's creative because I think the company is open to trying new things, seeing what new projects we can develop, and how we can stand out from the rest.

You have 30 seconds, what makes working at Betway so good?

The first thing would be the people, we all get on well, everyone is very nice and support one another. The other thing to mention is that Betway allows people to find their niche and find what they're good at. So I think there's a lot of flexibility to find what works for you, as well as lots of opportunity for growth and development.